Classes at Dance Central

We offer a broad range of specialist dance classes. If you have any questions or require further information please do not hesiate to contact us.



Mini Movers 18 months +


Parent and toddler class.

Mondays and Tuedays Masonic Hall, Balfron.

Mini Movers is a parent and toddler class for little dancers who love to shake and shimmy. Each term we pick a different theme and develop a story or adventure which incorporates a variety of musical styles and colourful props to engage and inspire your mini mover.

Tots Dance 2 1/2 years +


Mondays and Tuesdays, Masonic Hall , Balfron. 


Tots Dance is a 40 minute class which follows on from the Mini Movers. The dancers start to learn basic foundations of Ballet technique and learn an introduction to Tap; which is great or developing the young dancers sense of rhythm. Like the Mini Movers, each term we work with a different theme which the dancers and the teacher develop into a magical adventure. Enchanted castles, secret gardens and the jungle are just some of the themes we use to inspire, motivate and capture the imagination of your budding dancer.



​Dance Central offers Pre-Primary to vocaltional level classes.


The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is one of the most influential dance education and training organisations. The Graded Examinations in Dance syllabus provides a broad practical dance education and develops technical, musical and performance skills. It incorporates ballet, free movement and character. The new Pre-Primary in Dance is suitable for students from 5 years.


The Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance syllabus provide an in-depth study of ballet to develop technique, music and performance skills and introduces pointe work for female candidates.



RAD Ballet Primay 1+


Mondays Masonic Hall, Balfron

Tuesdays McLintock Hall, Balfron

Body  Conditioning

Tuesdays McLintock Hall, Balfron


Dance Central have created a weekly class to give students the chance to further their support their training by developing their flexibility and strength. Both of these skills are very important in the world of dance.






Following an aerobic warm up, to the latest tunes, you'll move on to putting together some short sequences of moves, or learning some basic footwork and tricks such as freezes, jumps and spins. These will then be built up into a continuous dance so that by the end of the term the whole class will have learnt the choreography – just like the backing dancers in a music video. This class builds confidence in dance and performance techniques with its streetdance attitude.







Mondays Masonic Hall, Balfron.

Modern & Tap



Mondays Masonic Hall, Balfron.

Tuesdays Masonic Halls, Balfron.

Primary to Adult classes are available in Balfron. There is a strong emphasis on developing accurate modern technique.  We study a variety of dance styles ranging from commercial dance to musical theatre. Our Tap classes are especially good for developing rhythm and style.

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